The best way to combat addiction is by trusting God and not relying on your own prowess. One of the reasons why people find it hard to defeat addiction is because, they have not come to realize that it is only God that can help them.

This is similar to the rat-race that people run in life, when they feel they can handle everything on their own. Eventually, they will come to realize that it is only God that can help them make the best out of life, and not based on their own powers or abilities.

Trusting God in fighting addiction is a simple act which people have complicated. When you trust God, it implies that you have handed over everything that concerns your life. This means that your wins, challenges and the likes, have been placed in the hands of God for him to take control.

In addition, trusting God with your addiction means that he alone has the capacity to help you pull through. So, even after opting in for addiction treatment, God is wholly responsible for facilitating the whole healing process.

In trusting God, you need to ensure that you are fully in tune with him. You need to make sure that you step-up your personal time with him. Continuous prayers of sanctification and consecration would be offered to ensure that it builds up your faith to properly trust God for the best.

With time, you will understand that God has taken over the fight, so all you need do is watch him see it to completion. It should be known that God is not a magician, an addiction case would require seriousness and willingness from your end.

You can be sure that the road to sobriety would be much easier with God on your side, because he is not one who would leave you alone. If you feel like relapsing, he would be there to hold your hands and see you through.

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