At times, life can seem challenging and downright overwhelming. We all experience moments of deep depression and struggle. It’s during these challenging times that faith can help us move forward from our past and find deeper meaning and peace in our lives.

All faith traditions have principles that can help us move through periods of difficulty. We often think of our faith in religious terms, however, faith in something greater than our own small selves is important in times of crisis. Whether we look at faith as a belief in God, a Higher Power, the Universe, or even simply in the inherent goodness of people, faith allows us to look beyond our current struggles.

There are several ways to use our faith to help us get through challenging times.

Be patient: The power of faith is often tied up in our willingness to be patient and trust in something greater than ourselves. Have faith in life’s ability to take care of itself, and don’t be afraid to take steps in line with your passion and values. Each small decision we make can lead us in the right direction, little by little.

Be humble: Humility is an important component of faith that can help us handle tough times. When our egos get in the way of our faith, we can become too proud to ask for help or listen to the guidance of others. Paying attention to our feelings and being open to advice from other sources can be helpful.

Exercise faith: Taking small actions in the direction of our dreams and goals is important. Faith prompts us to look beyond our immediate successes and failures and tap new sources of power to help us move forward.

Spend time in Nature: Nature can give us a deeper connection to faith. Visiting a park, going for a long walk, or taking a swim can help refresh us mentally and physically. Inspiration often lies in the simple beauty of nature, and faith in that beauty can give us courage and strength.

Hold tightly to faith: When life seems overwhelming, we can reflect on our faith and core beliefs. No matter how tough things get, remember that faith in a Higher Power and in the goodness of people can help us heal from our struggles.

In times of difficulty and distress, having faith can be an immense source of comfort and strength. It allows us to move through our fears and anxieties and find a greater purpose in our lives. The power of faith can make us feel empowered and we can take the lessons of our struggles to become more spiritually, mentally, and emotionally well rounded.

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