Addiction is a difficult and complex phenomenon affecting people all over the world. It’s a challenging subject for many families, and the sheer power of addiction’s stranglehold can leave its victims feeling alone and hopeless. But whether the addiction is to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or any other vice, those suffering ultimately have one source of […]

For many struggling with addiction, it may seem like healing and recovery are impossible. But, with faith in God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, healing can be achieved. God is the great healer and can bring us the power and strength needed to overcome an addiction. God can also offer us the peace […]

At times, life can seem challenging and downright overwhelming. We all experience moments of deep depression and struggle. It’s during these challenging times that faith can help us move forward from our past and find deeper meaning and peace in our lives. All faith traditions have principles that can help us move through periods of […]

Substance abuse is a phenomenon that plagues every corner of society, with no regard for demographic. People are drawn to overusing or harmfully using substances for a variety of reasons, even to the point of requiring treatment or rehabilitation, but many similarities can be drawn between individual cases of substance abuse. And though substance abuse […]

For Christians and other people who believe in God, addiction can shake a person’s faith to their core. Addiction does not seem to belong in the same world as one a perfect God created, and our minds balk at how separate the two concepts are. It is true that addiction does not belong in the […]

Having faith in God’s goodness and perfect plan can be very difficult in the midst of addiction. Many struggling addicts find themselves asking questions like, “Where is God in all of this?” and “Why would a perfect God create me to be so flawed?” These are natural thoughts when one is caught up in the […]

Understanding where God fits in to addiction can be confusing for many people. It is the nature of addiction to replace God in importance in the addict’s life, or to elevate their addiction to a god-like status. When their addiction fails them and proves detrimental to their life, some people hold God responsible for the […]