Breaking the chain of addiction is not an easy task. Many people have made attempts individually to do so, but they often end up relapsing. Addiction recovery centres have stepped in to save the day. However, turning to God during times like these ensures that recovery from addiction is made much easier.

You would also get to discover that the withdrawal symptoms which are common with addicts, would be easy to surmount, since you have committed all to the hands of God.

First and foremost, you need to come to the realization of the fact that, addiction is a sin and it is something which God frowns at. Hence, there is a need for you to seek repentance from this sin. Breaking free totally from sin, is something which can happen in an instant. It is a gradual process which eventually ends with total submission to God.

You need to come to the understanding that, sin is responsible for the addiction, and it has a way of ensuring that you are separated from God, thus missing out on certain benefits which comes with being in touch with God. As an addict, it would seem as if your life is upside down, and there is no one to turn to.

However, God is our heavenly father, he loves us, and he is aware that we cannot break free on our own. His arms are opened wide, hoping that someday, we would come running back into them, just as the prodigal son returned to his father. God is ever willing and ready to help us escape addiction, the problem has always been with man, as we feel we are capable on our own.

When you draw closer to God as an addict, light is directed on your path, and you begin to realize that your sense of purpose is heightened. At this stage, you would realize that you have been missing out, and with time, your recovery from addiction would be quicker than expected.

Irrespective of the extent of your struggles, you can be sure that God has got you covered. He knows all about it, he cares and it is his utmost desires that you break free totally.

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