Addiction can affect anyone irrespective of your status, and one of the ways to combat it is to draw closer to God. A good number of Christians suffer from addiction and it is not because they are not spiritual, it is because they have not fully handed over that aspect of their lives to God.

This is why, when the addiction cravings set in, they find it very difficult to fight against it, because it has overpowered them. When they satisfy their addiction cravings, they become very bitter about it, and they ask God for forgiveness.

Such Christians fall in and out of addiction, and it becomes a continuum in their lives because they have failed to fully consecrate their lives to God.

Addiction gives a feeling of worthlessness, it makes the believer feel as if they are no longer in tune with God, and this is not true.

Addiction only strains the fellowship between God and the individual, it does not affect the relationship.

It is important for addicted Christians to turn to God and ask for his mercy in defeating addiction, because this is the only way they can truly draw close to God, and become one of his favorite sons.

At the initial stage, it would not be easy, owing to the seemingly overpowering nature of addiction. However, in due time, the individual would discover that addiction is nothing compared to the power of God.

It is up to the individual to realize that defeating addiction is not an instant process. It takes a lot of spiritual inputs like prayer, worship, thanksgiving and a host of others.

When these acts are offered daily, the individual would realize that his entire being is under the process of total consecration to God, and addiction becomes a thing of the past.

God is ready to help anyone who wants to deal with addiction, and the only way to fix this is to ask him for mercy and he will help you.

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